You’ve had an accident – What now?

We know it can seem stressful and daunting but we are here to help and will guide you through the entire repair process, start to finish whether insurance is involved or not.

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  • Our Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA) will carry out a visual inspection of the damage and aim to notify you of the outcome within 48 hours of your vehicle being inspected.
  • Following approval to carry out the repairs, we will order the required parts from our catalogue of approved original parts suppliers. 
  • Your vehicle will be repaired to BS10125 Standard.
  • On completion of repairs, we will clean your vehicle, take it through the quality control process and contact you to arrange collection or delivery.
My car is damaged, I need a quote, how do I get this done?

Give us a call on 028 9127 1698 and we can arrange a day and time that suits you best to complete an estimate. Please note that replacement part prices stated are subject to daily fluctuations as set by the manufacturer.

How long does an estimate take?

An estimate takes anything from 10-15 minutes.

Is there a fee for an estimate?

Our estimates are free of charge.

Why are there no testimonials on your website?

You can find our most up to date and unbiased reviews on Google and Facebook.

The accident wasn't my fault, why should I have to claim on my own policy?

You may not have to! Give us a call and we can investigate other options for getting your car fixed at no inconvenience to you.

What is my excess for and when do I pay it?
The excess is the amount as determined by your insurance company that you need to pay towards the overall cost of your insurance claim. We collect the excess payment on behalf of your insurance company..
How can I pay my excess?

You can pay by card or cash. We can take card payments over the phone if preferred.

Are the repairs to my vehicle warrantied?

Yes, all our repairs carry a 3-year warranty.

Can you give me an exact date of completed repairs?

We usually are unable to give a definite date of completion. Often additional damage is found when the vehicle has been dismantled resulting in the need for additional parts. We do however strive to dismantle vehicles within 24 hours of them being onsite to reduce waiting times as much as possible.

What if the insurance company does not agree to pay for all aspects of the repair?

We will contact you to discuss your options, if you are unhappy with the insurance engineer’s decision it is important that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If there is any other damage you would like repaired alongside the insurance repair we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Often other areas of damage can be repaired more cost effectively alongside the primary damage.

What happens if my car is written off?

If your insurance company deem your car a total loss (a write off), they will contact you directly. They will then give you some options as to what to do next. This process is outside of our control.

Can I choose when I have my car delivered?

We will try to provide an indication of morning or afternoon delivery. Where a courtesy car is issued, it must be available to us for recovery at the time of delivery of your vehicle

What if the courtesy car I have gets damaged?

You are responsible for the courtesy car while it is in your care. Your insurance policy is used for the courtesy car, and you are responsible for any excess payments as dictated by your insurance company. This would be considered an additional claim.

Is there any charge for the courtesy car?

If you are entitled to a courtesy car as per your insurance policy these are given free of charge.
If you are not entitled to a courtesy car as per your insurance policy we can still supply a courtesy car. Daily rate is £15 with your insurance policy transferred to the courtesy car or £20 should you need us to insure it for you.

What about fuel for the courtesy car?

We kindly ask you to return the courtesy car with no less fuel as when you took delivery of it.

Who can drive the courtesy car?

The persons on your insurance policy at the time you are using the courtesy car can drive it. They are subject to the same terms and conditions including excesses and windscreen damage etc. as per your own insurance policy.

What courtesy car can I expect?

We have a fleet of Hyundai I10’s, I20’s & I30’s or similar. We will try to accommodate you with a courtesy car similar in size to your own vehicle however in some instances this may not be possible. We also have courtesy vans should your van need repaired.

Can I have my car repaired in one day?

If your vehicle has some minor damage such as scuffed bumpers or small dents, we can often repair these in one day and our Vehicle Damage Assessors will be glad to advice on the possibility of this.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

If your vehicle is being repaired through your insurance, you will need to bring your insurance policy document and photo ID driving licence. 

Will my car be driven by your staff?

Your vehicle will be driven through the workshop to various stages of the repair process, if your vehicle is not driveable, we can utilise wheel skates to make it mobile. Should your vehicle require a road test following suspension work etc this will usually be carried out by a workshop controller after the repair as part of the quality control process.